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I can't stop

Hey guys, Hope you're all ready for the big sales debut tomorrow ! I did took a few hours today so I can go and check out the stores before the big day. You can sense the big pressure in the air and not to mention the huge wait, the eagerness, ugh. God help us all :)) !  Anyway, I'm here to bring you my wonderful outfit for the day. Unfortunately, I couldn't do a video cause it started to rain even from when I was doing the pics. I'm wearing this flattering dress from Chicwish which is so amazing and perfect for summertime. (well, in Belgium is not the case lol) In case you're wondering, my sandals are from Zara, but a super old collection. Every single fashion lovers should have a pair of nude or off-white sandals in their wardrobe!

` What I wore: - Chicwish dress - Mango purse - Zara sandals -Kitsch bun pin

I hope you like the look, lovelies ! :) Come back tomorrow for a brand new look tomorrow ^^ Kisses, R.

La mezcla

Hello sweeties, I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I'm quite tired these days. I've been working so much and I definitely need a real vacation, the type I leave everything aside and just enjoy free time! Unfortunately, my work doesn't allow that and of course, there's my obsession towards my blog. I'm so obsessed in sharing every day a new outfit, oh, you can't believe. Like today, I have an amazing look to show off! I'm wearing this amazing stripe split dress from Sammydress that I've matched with a pair of nude sandals from Schutz ( available at Shopbop) and a beautiful clutch-bag I have for quite awhile now. If you're wondering about these amazing earrings, know that I have them from Zaful !  The shopping experience at their website was super cool and I got the package so quick! Super happy with my purchase :) I'll let you check out the look, amongst the video :

What I wore: - Sammydress V-neck stripe dress - Zara bag - Schutz sandal…

Wine and Design

Hello sweeties, Today's look is actually one that I wore like maybe a week ago while I was visiting the Wine and Design place in Waterloo. The whole thing actually started as a store where interior designers would expose their work; like a shop. But a store that serves coffee and lovely things to eat ( maybe you saw that on Instagram), so it's more of a concept store :). The most important interior designer is the one that makes awesome wallpaper - NLXL. Anyway, on a more fashionable note, my cute outfit consists of this cute dress from Chicwish which I wish it shouldn't wrinkle that much. I've ironed it at home and after a car ride, boom, wrinkled dress :'(. I've matched it with this long jacket cause it was kinda chilly outside, a pair of shoes that I have since forever and of course, my cute Sacha bag that I've recently bought :)

What I wore: -Chicwish dress - Asos shoes - Bershka long jacket - Sacha bag
Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys!…

No rabbit drama

Hi guys, I’m now at the airport, waiting to take my flight. It’s been a super cool journey and I hope to visit the Model Management team again soon !  Since I don’t have nothing to do here, I must kill some time and as I found these cute photos from last week when I went out for a short walk, I thought, eh, why not show you how I literally downdress to say so. I’m really not the type to put on a tone of make up and wear heels all day everyday, even more when I just want to go around the quarter and enjoy a little fresh air for a short walk. So yes, I don’t have any bag cause I didn’t need one. I took just my phone and my keys, and they stay perfectly fine in my pockets or in my bf pockets :). Nonetheless, I have a super big crush for this cute rabbit t-shirt from Sammydress! OMG, you know I have a little rabbit at home and this is just so cool for me! I really like the combo and if you’re looking for something cute, yet chic, this is the way to go ! 

What I wore: - Sammydress t-shirt - Bers…
Hi guys, Day 3 in Barcelona and I couldn’t be more happier ! The weather is simply amazing and I would stay here forever. I know a lot of people don’t stand high temperatures, but I’m not one of them :). Hope my love for high temperatures will not fade away with age… Anyway, on a more fashionable note, I managed to put together another outfit post for y’all! I’m wearing this beautiful flower print dress from Sammydress and I think this is so flirty. Perfect look to go out with your beloved on a date ! As accessories, I’m wearing my lovely earrings from Star Harvest Jewelry which feature a yellow/amber gemstone and are made from 925 silver. I think you can find a lot of affordable jewelry at their website that are also chic. I’ll let you enjoy the look, the video, the pics and wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead! :)

What I wore: - Sammydress flower print dress - Zara sandals  - Zara purse - Star Harvest Jewelry earrings

Thank you for taking your time to check out the blog, guys!
I ju…