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Lust for life

Hey guys, I have a quick lunch break and I thought I should update the blog. Yesterday I was in Antwerp for a dinner at Wagamama. I know you were all asking about my lovely dress, well, luckily I had a chance to shoot it ! I think it's such an affordable dress that it's so beautiful and perfect for a date night. I went to the movies afterwards and saw the last movie from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. I'm so sad that it was the last more Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp 😓

What I wore: - Lightinthebox both shoulders showing vintage patterned dress - Zara sandals - Sfera clutch 
So, how do you like this delightful look? Hope you are having a lovely day ^^
Kisses, R.

Take a break

Hello sweeties, It feels quite nice to be back home cause we're having a splendid weather, Tenerife like. I'll totally hit some awesome music festivals this summer. Aren't you? Of course, I have a million ideas of festival looks in my head and I thought I'd share another one with you ! So, I just stumbled upon an awesome online boutique recently. It's called Duifhuizen and it has the best bags ever ! I found myself a super cute Guess bag to go with my festival look just so that I can keep my wallet and phone in a safe place, you know...and I think it's pretty important having a cool bag. Plus, mine goes with so many other looks ! 

What I wore: - Zaful top - Urban Outfitters skirt - Havaianas flip flops - Guess bag found at Duifhuizen store - Zaful chocker rings

And yes, my cute ring set has authentic moonstone gems. Cute, right? I think the whole outfit works so well together, and yes, I love flip flops... I imagine that my music festival …

Sounds of the guitar

Hi guys, I'm mentally preparing myself to go to school after my little vacay. I cannot believe we have just two more weeks left before we pass the exams 😱😱 I'm freaking out over here !  I have a brand new outfit post meanwhile 💁

What I wore: - RoseGal dress - RoseGal waist corset  - Tommy Hilfiger sandals - Dezzal bag

Thank you for checking out the blog, guys! Will be back tomorrow with more xo

Kisses, R.

So festive...

Hello sweeties, Hope your weekend is going well. I'm actually super happy to spend a day out in the big sun with friends. I think it's so important to have a day off from the pc and phone lol.  For those of you who are still using internet today, I bring you a super cool look that is so easy to put together. Actually, if you are wondering,  I bought my bag when I bought my sandals from Sacha and I simply love it ! 

What I wore: - RoseWholesale dress - RoseWholesale sandals - Sacha Shoes bag

Really hope you like the look, guys ! I would totally rock this at a festival FWI ;)

Kisses, R.


Hey sweeties, Since a lot of you were asking about my swimsuits that I wore in Tenerife, I thought I should make a special post and tell you all about it. Some of you thought I had like 4 bikinis, but in fact there are only 2! Why? Because One One Swimwear makes reversible bikinis, so you can def put that aspect to  use.

Here I'm wearing the Dani Graces Snakes bikini from One One Swimwear.

And the Bonnie May Snakes reversible bikini is the one that I'm wearing in these last pics. I really liked that it fitted perfectly ! I always have trouble finding a bikini that would fit me as I have the bottom different in sizing from the top. I always shop different top/bottom sizes because of that. I'm wearing a size S and it was simply perfect ! Plus, the cheeky bottom will always make your "rear end" look quite nice ! 
The light in Tenerife is either too powerful, either not so good in the evening, I didn't manage to do like a Dominican shoot, but it was still ok. Th…

I don't mean to...

Hi guys, Hope you are all enjoying the heatwave ! Summer is all about music festivals, having fun and not to mention, weddings ! I think you'll be delighted to check out Ever Pretty's sparkle collection. Shine bright like a diamond in sequin dresses **

What I wore: - Ever Pretty sequin dress - New Look clutch
How do you like the look?
Be back tomorrow with a new outfit post :) Kisses, R.

In the middle

Hello sweeties, It's already the middle of the week ! Can you imagine? I'll be heading back to Brussels tomorrow 😔I'm so sad to leave all this beautiful weather, sea& sand behind. I hope that this year I'll be able to travel more and enjoy my last 20ish years. I feel like life is passing by so quick that we forget to really take advantage of it. Anyway, speaking of advantages, I have a pretty amazing look for you today that I just know you'll love !

What I wore: - Closet London top - LiuJo jeans - New Look bag

Wishing you a perfect day ! 

Kisses, R.